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How is it almost 2019?

It is hard to believe it is almost Christmas and the end of the year. Where did 2018 go? We started camping in May and it seems like we blinked and's about to be December!

I found these amazing "camper themed" Christmas decorations at Target:

Target is the best!

Ok, I digressed but isn't that little red camper with the wreath on the door simply adorable?

Anywho, we have been uber busy since our last post. If we weren't camping, we were renting our camper out to some amazing families, and we attended a beautiful wedding in the Dominican Republic.

What a fun trip and can you say GORGEOUS???

While we were in the Dominican, a beautiful blended family took our RV to the Grand Canyon! We were simply blown away by their story. God is so good!

Palo Alto, Texas (a beautiful stop on their way to the Grand Canyon)

Not too long after our RV went to the Grand Canyon, another beautiful family went on a trip to Ohio to camp with friends.

This is what camping is all about! Nature, family, friends, food...ahhh!

Just before Labor Day, we got a call from some "old school" campers who were planning a trip in our area to meet another couple but their RV was in the shop for repairs. "Love by Camping" to save the day! We actually delivered the RV to them, set it up and picked it back up at the end of their camping trip. We ended up hanging out with them and their camping friends after getting everything set up. I knew camping would be fun but it has been ah-mazing!

So much fun!

We took the RV to the Carolina Panthers/Dallas Cowboys game! OMGeee. Can you say a true baller tailgate? So much fun and my panthers won!

Panthers were obviously winning...look at Jeff's face!

In October, our RV went to the Diesel Truck Race with our first all guy rental group!

Who knew there was a fall truck jam?

Jeff and I were able to spend a wonderful weekend together in Damascus, Virginia. We rode the Creeper Trail in the cold and rain. Seventeen miles downhill with cold wet mud splashing on my face! I LOVED IT!

So much fun!

It was fun and beautiful! I can't wait to go back and ride when it is warm!

A bridge along the trail

Look at the beautiful river flowing right behind our campsite!

October ended with me going on a couple of fabulous "girl's beach trips" and a local couple renting our RV and going on their first camping trip!

Camping Newbies on their way to the mountains!

My friend Jackie turned 50 and we had a grand time at Myrtle Beach!

Annual "Jersey Girls" getaway! This year Virginia Beach! (I'm the only non-Jersey Girl!)

I'm learning, fall is a wonderful time to camp! We had the pleasure of renting our RV to a family celebrating their daughter's eighth birthday. Can you say big campground fun?

Oh my goodness did I have fun decorating or what?

Annnnnnnnd, we are ending the year with a bang! WE UPGRADED OUR RV!!! Although we just bought our first RV, we quickly learned...we needed a little more space...(especially when the kids come with us).

We just know our new rental families will love our new digs just as much as we do!

Camping Beach Set-Up November 2018!

When I look back over the last six months, I cannot do anything but praise God! I am so thankful for the opportunity to explore nature, meet new people, travel, and LOVE BY CAMPING!

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Katina Boyd
Katina Boyd
Nov 25, 2018

Thank you Tammy!!! You would love camping


Tammy Hardin
Tammy Hardin
Nov 25, 2018

I absolutely love reading these posts. I feel all the love that your campers must feel. The camper is amazing. Our 3rd anniversary is coming up in January, I may have camping on the list of things to do. Keep posting these great stories.

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