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Talking with Gritted Teeth

Looking at our smiling faces you would never know we were speaking to each other through gritted teeth just a few hours before.

We started a new adventure...we bought a camper and actually went camping! Not a huge thing for most people but TOTALLY huge for me (Katina) because, I am terribly afraid of bugs. I've been an "inside girl" my whole life and just never bothered with nature.

Inside girly-girl swept off her feet by Mr. Outside and now I ride bikes outside and camp!

So, we went on our maiden voyage last weekend and it was amazing. I can't wait to head out again next week. As amazing as it was, there were some things that did not go as planned.

Setting up for the first time took longer than we expected because our site was on a hill and it was difficult for us to get the camper level. Due to not being level, we had to re-hitch the truck after un-hitching to readjust (sigh). It was hot and I was supposed to be Jeff's copilot letting him know which way to back up and if he was in line with the hitch.

After the third time of trying to get the truck lined up, my directions were given through gritted teeth and so were Jeff's responses. We finally got the camper "mostly level" and began to hook up the hoses and power. All went well, until I went to go inside to crank up the air condition only to discover we locked the keys inside the camper.


Yes seriously! The keys were inside and we were outside.

I think the keys being locked inside was all God's design. Once we accepted the door was definitely locked and we couldn't do anything about it, we stopped hurrying to get set up. I seem to always be the "cruise director" on trips. I have an agenda on every vacation. I wanted to be set up by a certain time. Hence my frustration when we had to re-hitch. Luckily, Jeff's sister, mom and niece were coming to the campsite to see the camper so they stopped by our house and picked up the extra set of keys.

While we waited for them to bring the keys, we began to count our blessings and lessons.

1. How awesome to be able to go on a camping trip in the first place.

2. Luckily, we didn't go too far on our first adventure because leaving the keys 2 hours away would not have been fun.

3. We had each other to learn and enjoy a new past-time.

4. We know to bring an extra set of keys.

5. Camping should be well planned but not rushed. (Just like our blended family)

Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind. (Proverbs 21:5 MSG)

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