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Our Preferences

When people who know me hear I have started camping, they can hardly believe it. When I say I am an "inside girl"...I mean it. I like my outside conditions "just right" before being out in the elements. You know, 68-70 degrees, sunny but not too sunny, cool breeze, absolutely NO humidity, and for the love of all things...NO CRITTERS (bugs, reptiles, rodents etc).

As you roll your eyes at my extraness, please know...I'm dead serious. Which is why I am quite sure my Grandma was right when she used to say, "God has a sense of humor".

About a eighteen months ago, I joined the "Host Team" at my church. Host Team members are responsible for welcoming people onto our campus and specifically charged with seeking out and helping new people (whom we call VIPs) know where to go and how go get connected. It is our job to eliminate all the arkwardness of being at a new church so people can experience Jesus without barriers. One of my favorite parts of our job is praying with people under the tents after service.

Sounds amazing right? It is amazing. There is just one thing. All of this amazingness happens OUTSIDE...year round. Remember my requirements for me to be outside? Since God made me, I'm quite sure He knew how I like it to be when I am outside. Yet, He placed me on the Host Team where I had to endure rain, sleet, winds, frigid cold temperatures, forget about your hair humidity, and sweltering hotness. God does have a sense of humor!

If I said I NEVER whined about it, I would be lying but I committed to the task given to me and I gave it my all. I would have never thought it could feel amazing to be out in the rain carrying umbrellas to people as they got out of the car...but it was. It felt the best when I was able to do it for other "inside girls" trying to keep their hair together or the mom struggling with babies and diaper bags.

Had I not been willing to be uncomfortable, I would have missed the blessing.

Camping has been just like that for me.

Can't believe I let my fear of bugs keep me from this.

I'm still terrified of bugs so I bring bug spray (maximum strength of course).

Annnnnnnnd, I still don't like to walk around with my hair out of, I sport cute "camping hats" on our trips!

My pastor (Steven Furtick), summed this whole concept up beautifully: "We reject God's provision when it doesn't look like our preference".

Our Photos from our Lake Reidsville Camping Trip

How is God providing for you that doesn't look like your preference?

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