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Camping...cough...Glamping (Lake Norman Motor Coach Resort)

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

We went on our second camping adventure over the Memorial Day Weekend and had the wonderful pleasure of staying at the Lake Norman Motor Coach Resort. Our stay had all the feels for this "inside girl" and I must say we actually went "glamping".

Lake Norman Motor Coach Resort is beautiful and has awesome views of the largest man made lake in North Carolina.

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Jeff had to work on Saturday, so we just went for a quick trip Sunday to Monday. Thankfully, it was warm on Sunday with only some on and off sprinkles. In addition to gorgeous views and lush grounds, there were paddle boats, paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes available to use as part of the nightly fee. Pontoon boats were available for rent and the tiki bar was open serving beer and wine. The staff and fellow campers were super friendly.

The RV sites, although difficult to get backed in, were immaculately maintained and level! (Hence it being a little more pricey than other campgrounds.)

The resort is not really geared toward small children but the teenagers enjoyed the water toys, cable and wifi! (I told you we were glamping!)

Watching the sun set over the water...beautiful!

We ended the night with a boat ride on our friend's family boat and dinner at the Blue Parrot (right on the water)!

The Cauble family posing under the blue "glow lighting" at the Blue Parrot restaurant!

Our son with his friends...missing our two daughters:(

It rained on Monday so we really weren't able to do much and packing the camper up in the rain was experience to say the least. But we did it together...mostly:)

Jeff was hard at work while I chatted with our neighbor:)

So far, camping has been full of family, friends, beauty, hard work, uncertainty, expenses, and fabulous memories. But camping also has been teaching us a very valuable in the moment because moments are fleeting.

Our son is graduating this year and our girls will not be far behind him. Although we are seemingly nearing the place most married couples dream of (empty nest), we are really just getting started as a family. Camping is helping us relish in the time we have and gives us an "excuse" to plan more outings not far from home; but miles away from daily life.

As we were unpacking at home, I began to calculate the amount of laundry required to get everything back in order. Just before beginning to dread, I was reminded to calculate something days.

I know how much time I've been alive but I don't know how much time I have left...none of us do. When I slow down enough to swallow that reality, dread about laundry, being rained out on Monday, work, bills, you name it....lose their importance. Being right, fighting back, clawing to the top, minding other folks' business..yea all that--not even worth my energy because they do not have enteral significance.

In Psalm 90:12 Moses prayed: Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Numbering our days is not about calculating at all... its about godly perspective. It’s not just knowing what we can do, but what is the wise thing to do.

When we number our days, it's quality over quantity and every moment is for God’s purposes and glory.

Are you numbering your days?

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